Rules & FAQs

Our auction rules and policies are designed to ensure a fair and transparent auction experience for all participants. Please review these rules before bidding on any items.

For additional help, our team of client advisors are available to answer your questions via call, chat, or email.


  • All bids must be made in good faith. Bids that are made with the intent to manipulate the auction price or to disrupt the auction process will be void.
  • The highest bid at the end of the auction will win the item. In the event of a tie, the item will be awarded to the bidder who placed the bid first.
  • All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges for items that have been sold.
  • The auction house reserves the right to refuse service to any bidder.

  • To place a bid, simply visit the page of the lot you're interested in, enter your bid in the provided space, and click the "Bid" button.
  • The closing time for each individual lot will be displayed to help you stay informed. Happy bidding!
  • Participate in our exciting no-reserve auction, which allows proxy bidding. If you're unfamiliar with these terms, feel free to check out our FAQ section below.
  • To view your auction history, go to your account page to view your bidding history and current bid status. Be sure to check out our FAQ section below as well. 
auction bidding history


          Payment Policy
          • Your bid is a commitment, and if you win an auction, you are obligated to complete the purchase. Failure to do so will result in a ban from all future Mimi So Auctions.
          • All payments must be completed within 48 hours of winning the auction.
          • Payments can be made immediately after winning using any major credit card through our site.
          • If you require alternative payment methods such as wire transfers or ACH transfers, please contact us at as soon as possible to coordinate such payment.

            Shipping Policy

            See shipping page for more information.

            Packaging Policy
            • Signature Mimi So pouch: All auction items are shipped in a signature Mimi So pouch.
            • Gift requests: If you are purchasing an item as a gift, please make a request in the special order notes section located in your cart. You may also contact us at 212-300-8620.


            Auction FAQs

            What is Proxy Bidding?

            Proxy bidding is a type of bidding that allows bidders to set a maximum price that they are willing to pay for an item. The bidding system will then automatically bid on their behalf, up to their maximum price, in predetermined bid increments. This is a convenient way to bid on items without having to constantly monitor the auction.

            When you place a proxy bid, you are essentially telling the bidding system that you are willing to pay up to a certain amount for an item. The system will then automatically bid on your behalf, in predetermined bid increments, until someone else bids higher than your maximum price.

            What are the advantages of proxy bidding?

            There are several advantages to using proxy bidding. First, it allows you to bid on items without having to constantly monitor the auction. Second, it can help you save money, as the system will only bid up to your maximum price. Third, it can help you avoid bidding wars, as the system will automatically bid on your behalf, up to your maximum price.

            How do I view my auction history?

            To view your auction history, head to your account page to see the items you've bid on as well as the highest bid at anytime.

            How can I receive notifications for future auctions?

            To stay informed about upcoming auctions, you have two options:

            1. Join our mailing list (subscribe in footer).
            2. Follow our Instagram account @mimisojewelry for regular updates.

            How will I know if I won?

            Once a lot closes, you will receive an email confirmation notifying you that you have won the auction including prompts to checkout.

            How do I pay for an item that I win?

            The winning bidder must pay for the item within 24 hours of the auction closing. Payment can be made by credit card, Shop Pay, PayPal, or wire transfer.

            How can I participate in the auction?

            Go to, complete the registration form, subscribe to auction announcements to be notified about new auctions.

            What is a no-reserve auction?

            No-reserve auctions are auctions in which the item will sell regardless of the final sale price.

            Will I be notified if I am outbid?

            Yes, you will be notified via email if you are outbid.

            How is the bidding process verified?

            We keep timestamps of each bid.

            How much does it cost to resize or personalize my item?

            If you wish to resize or personalize your won item, please see the pricing details for various services below:

            The cost for resizing is between $150 and $200. Please note that eternity stone rings cannot be resized.

            Extending a Necklace
            The cost for extending a necklace starts from $100 (cost may vary depending on the complexity of the necklace).

            The cost for engraving is $50 (only available for date and name)

            Why was I listed as the current high bidder on a lot until it closed, but someone else was declared the winner afterward?

            Frequently, experienced bidders employ a common practice called "sniping." In this bidding strategy, a bidder places their highest maximum bid at the last second, aiming to win the lot precisely as it closes and before others can outbid them. To avoid such situations, we encourage bidders to submit their true maximum bids as early as possible. This allows you to have a better chance of securing the lot you desire without being affected by last-second sniping bids.

            Can I place a manual bid if I am already the highest bidder?

            No, you cannot place a manual bid if you are already the highest bidder. The system will not allow you to do this to prevent users from accidentally overbidding. If you want to increase your bid, you can use the automatic bidding feature (proxy bidding). Click here to view screenshot.

            If I win multiple items, do I have to pay for shipping for each item?

            Contact us for group shipping or send us an email at